How and Why Precision Machining is Dominating Vancouver

Vancouver has long been associated with the very forefront of technology and creativity in Canada, with the vast number of start-up companies here being a great example.

With the city often being ahead of the innovation curve, it is no surprise that precision machining in Vancouver has been dominating the manufacturing sector.

Precision machining explained

Precision machining refers to the concept of using a predefined code, programmable via software, that is able to manufacturer items and components without any further human assistance.

While previously these machines would have been manually operated, precision machining in Vancouver allows for all of the human input to come via software, allowing for a much more precise, reliable and time-effective production.

Far fewer workers are required to produce the same product, while precision machines are able to work 24 hours a day if required, providing another sizeable benefit to the industry.

Precision machining in Vancouver

There are already a number of reputable businesses specializing in precision machining in Vancouver, with it fast becoming one of the largest areas in the manufacturing industry worldwide, as well as here in Canada.

As vast areas of the production sector switch over to precision machining in Vancouver, in many cases due to the considerable benefits that it provides, it has caused the rapid growth in precision machining around the city.

With the unquestionable advantage that it provides, and investment in new machines and technology being the only hurdle to overcome, it looks set to be the future of manufacturing throughout the industry as a whole.

The future of precision machining

As CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software becomes more detailed and powerful, the ability to create progressively more complex and intricate products grows dramatically.

Precision machining certainly represents the future of the manufacturing industry, with Vancouver being one of the major cities in Canada to really start specializing, in what is a far more efficient and effective form of manufacturing.


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