Local Industries A Machine Shop In Vancouver Typically Serves

A CNC machine shop is a works pace that carries out some hugely technical production, in the form of machine parts and prototypes. Vancouver is home to one of the best CNC machine shops around, featuring top grade equipment and an excellent team to program and operate it.

Vancouver is home to so many different businesses in varied industries. Many of these require very specific parts and the machine shop in Vancouver can produce these. Let’s take a look at the types of industries that look to a machine shop in Vancouver for their technical skills and equipment.

Aviation & Aerospace

The machine shop in Vancouver is located close to the airport that serves the city. Far from being a local airspace, Vancouver International Airport is a huge international airport, serving thousands of people every day. Due to its proximity and quality of work, a machine shop in Vancouver is naturally going to be making parts for airlines and their aircraft as they need it.

Medical Industry

This is another local industry that is a large part of Vancouver’s economy and the welfare of its population. The city is home to a few major hospitals, as well as a large university with a prestigious medical program. The local medical industry has been served by the machine shop in Vancouver as they produce parts quickly with an extremely high calibre when it comes to quality.

Mining, Oil & Gas

British Columbia has a host of natural resources, along with its neighbouring provinces. Due to this prevalence, the industries of mining, oil and gas are looking to have parts and equipment made using CNC machinery at a machine shop in Vancouver. This industry uses a lot of very specific machinery, and parts cannot be manufactured just anywhere, so it is important that they have a local CNC machine shop that they can go to when they need it.


There are buildings popping up all over the city. The demand is certainly there, so construction companies are working overtime to serve it. You will often notice construction workers building new office blocks Downtown, or homes in the suburbs. These companies use specific machinery that often needs parts or equipment that can be produced by a machine shop in Vancouver.

As you can see, Vancouver is a bustling city with a busy economy. Many of these industries can be served by the local machine shop in Vancouver, which serves an important role in the city.


How To Choose The Best Automotive CNC Machine Shop For Your Project

Deciding on the best automotive CNC machine shop for your project isn’t always easy, as the exact customs and specifications needed to fit a vehicle have to be taken into account. The most suitable machine shop for the job should always tick the right boxes to start with, such as having demonstrable expertise, being flexible enough to adjust to any challenges, and implementing high standards for both employees and equipment.

The number one way to make sure your automotive CNC machine shop knows their stuff, is to request some examples of previous, similar work. They might even offer to put you in touch with some past clients at your request. Usually however, seeing past production outcomes and discussing details with the shop’s managers will give you a good feel for where they are at in terms of manufacturing your product to a high standard.

Once you are confident that the automotive CNC machine shop has the ability to produce the product you want, try to find out more about their methods of communication while the project is underway. Keeping up-to-date on what milestones have been passed, and knowing about problems they have encountered should be a priority for any liaison, so companies should have a tried-and-tested policy for communication with clients. Make sure to get the lowdown on how often you’ll be updated, as well as the method for communication, and finally, who your main point of contact is if there is an issue.

Most clients want their products to be up to scratch with international standards, so check in with your automotive CNC machine shop about what current qualifications they possess. If they have passed the AS9100 and IS0 9001 standards for quality control, then you know you’ve found a professional shop that you can trust to machine high-quality car parts.


Finally, building a long-lasting relationship with a precision machine shop takes time and energy, so you might want to make sure that, as your company innovates, the partners you work with do, too. Find out as much as you can about the machine shop’s plans for the future, what kind of training they are investing in for staff, and whether they have any pending purchases for new, modern machinery. The automotive industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, so staying in business with a machine shop with the same forward-thinking values will set you up for a fruitful relationship for a long time to come.

How To Locate A Leading CNC Machining Shop In Vancouver

Do you need to complete a project with CNC machining in Vancouver? Looking to find the leading machine shops available?

CNC Machining Shop

CNC Machining Shop

Below, we have a number of tips on how to locate a leading CNC machining shop in Vancouver, starting with doing your own background research.

Tip 1: Conduct Your Own Research

A key part of locating the right business for your CNC machining in Vancouver comes down to doing your own research. One particular area worth exploring is that of the quality assurances and certifications that the particular CNC machining shop in Vancouver offers.

This gives a great insight into the quality level and professionalism of the company, helping you to make an informed and knowledgeable decision, based on this information. Looking for a company that has the ISO 9001 quality accreditation, for example, is one way of being sure it is a leading CNC machining shop in Vancouver.
Being a widely recognised and accepted level of quality within the engineering industry, using a company that has an ISO 9001 accreditation is highly advised.

Tip 2: Industry Recommendations

Another way of locating some of the top CNC machining in Vancouver is to ask for industry recommendations. If you are on good terms with other companies in your sector, why not ask for their advice and guidance on the CNC machining shop in Vancouver they recommend.

Tip 3: Online Searching

Searching online can be a great way to initially select a number of leading companies offering CNC machining in Vancouver. It is also possible to gain client feedback and testimonials by searching online, which makes it a great tool to utilize in your search.

Tip 4: Utilize Staff Experience

The last tip we will cover in this article is that of utilizing staff experience, which can be another very valuable source of information. Asking your employees if they can recommend a leading CNC machining shop in Vancouver, based on their previous work experience, can be a quick and easy way of gaining information, making it an avenue certainly worth exploring.

Rounding Up

Taking the time to locate one of the leading CNC machining shops in Vancouver is well worth the effort. In making use of the four tips listed above, you can find a reliable and reputable machine shop for your job requirements.

The Future Development of CNC Machines

For those of you who have visited a Vancouver machine shop in the last few years, you will know that CNC machines are helping to revolutionize the industry. Here, we look at what the future of CNC machines might bring, starting with increasing levels of integration.


If you ask any machine shop in Vancouver what they are most excited about, in terms of the future of CNC machining, increased integration is likely to be high on the list.

In having a number of different areas coming together, such as CNC developers, robot suppliers and machine tool builders, the processes are becoming far more streamlined and effective. This will open up a whole new world of smart machining, with any Vancouver machine shop being excited at the prospect.

As the integration between the Vancouver machine shop, CNC developers and tool suppliers will continue to grow, this will provide an even higher level of efficiency for all involved.

CAD and CAM development

Just as integration is a pivotal part of the future in CNC machining, CAD and CAM development is another area to get a machine shop in Vancouver excited.

As the software behind the operations of a machine shop in Vancouver continues to develop, the possibilities of what can be created will also grow. In being able to do a lot more with fewer resources and a lower budget, it will open up the use of Vancouver machine shops to a whole new array of clients and customers.

Only the best companies surviving

With the rise of CNC machines, it has fast become a technology that is a pre-requisite for any leading machine shop in Vancouver. Soon, those that aren’t offering CNC machines will be left behind by the companies that are investing in the future. This is likely to cause the top machine shops in Vancouver to set themselves apart from the crowd, in what can be a very competitive market.

Even lower tolerances

The future of CNC machining will also bring about a further lowering of the tolerances that we have today. This will allow for higher quality products, with defects becoming an even rarer occurrence than they are today.

Last word

The future of the Vancouver machine shop certainly lies in CNC technology, with those slow to adopt almost certain to be left behind.

What Are the Advantages of a CNC Machine

For those who are involved in the manufacturing industry, CNC machines have become one of the most essential pieces of technology. There are a number of benefits and advantages to a CNC machine, as we detail further below.

Increased efficiency

One of the biggest and most impressive advantages of a CNC machine, is that it can greatly increase the efficiency of the work flow process. In being able to be operated around the clock on a continual basis, a CNC machine can be used 24 hours a day. This helps to create components in a much faster manner than previously possible, making it highly efficient.

Less man hours

Along with being utilized 24 hours day, if required, a CNC machine also requires fewer people and man hours to produce an item. Compared to manually-operated machines, a CNC machine can greatly help cut the cost of workers and the man hours required.

Easily replicate designs

Once a CNC machine has the particular code required to create a product or item, it can replicate any number of exact copies within a short time frame. This is a great improvement over manually-operated machines, which would otherwise require a skilled worker to recreate items.

Improvements and innovation

Even though CNC machines are relatively new themselves, there are still great improvements and innovations being achieved.

With increasingly complex software that is being run by the machines, in addition to improvements with design software, it has allowed for incredibly detailed projects to be completed with even greater precision. This is only going to increase with time, as the gap between a CNC machine and a manually-operated one continues to grow.

In summary

When it comes to the future of the manufacturing and engineering sectors, CNC machines are a clear representation of where the futures of these industries lie.

As more businesses seek to utilize the technology of a CNC machine for their own benefit, manually-operated machines seem set to become progressively redundant, for the vast majority of tasks.

3 Ways CNC Machining Has Changed Manufacturing

CNC machining is one of the largest developments ever to happen in the world of manufacturing and design. In this article, we look at three key ways that CNC machining has influenced the industry.

Increased productivity

The first aspect we will cover with respect to CNC machining is the increased productivity that it provides. From cutting down on the number of workers required to manufacture an item, through to the much quicker production time that CNC machining brings, there is vastly increased productivity.

There is also the added benefit of being able to operate CNC machines around the clock, meaning they can work 24 hours a day, if required.


The development of CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), has revolutionized the way that designs and products are created.

In using innovative software to help design a component or item, the instructions of this are then converted into machine readable code, which is then passed directly to the CNC machines. As a result, this has greatly streamlined the entire design and production process, while also allowing a much greater amount of accuracy, reliability, and intricacy, as we elaborate on below.

Intricacy, reliability, and product quality

The last points that we will touch upon are intricacy, reliability and product quality, which are incredibly important in the manufacturing industry.

When comparing CNC machining to more conventional forms of manufacturing, such as manually-operated machines, the level of intricacy obtained through CAD and CAM software, is far superior. Additionally, in utilizing CNC machining, there is far less room for error, particularly as much of the human aspect of manufacturing is removed.

Once a design has been created, CNC machining will follow the instructional code, creating the exact copy that has been requested. Comparatively, manually-operated machines are always prone to the operator making a mistake, or slight variations.

Last word

Along with the three listed above, there are many other ways that CNC machining has helped shape the manufacturing sector. With relatively few downsides, it’s hard to see CNC machining being anything but the future of the industry.

How and Why Precision Machining is Dominating Vancouver

Vancouver has long been associated with the very forefront of technology and creativity in Canada, with the vast number of start-up companies here being a great example.

With the city often being ahead of the innovation curve, it is no surprise that precision machining in Vancouver has been dominating the manufacturing sector.

Precision machining explained

Precision machining refers to the concept of using a predefined code, programmable via software, that is able to manufacturer items and components without any further human assistance.

While previously these machines would have been manually operated, precision machining in Vancouver allows for all of the human input to come via software, allowing for a much more precise, reliable and time-effective production.

Far fewer workers are required to produce the same product, while precision machines are able to work 24 hours a day if required, providing another sizeable benefit to the industry.

Precision machining in Vancouver

There are already a number of reputable businesses specializing in precision machining in Vancouver, with it fast becoming one of the largest areas in the manufacturing industry worldwide, as well as here in Canada.

As vast areas of the production sector switch over to precision machining in Vancouver, in many cases due to the considerable benefits that it provides, it has caused the rapid growth in precision machining around the city.

With the unquestionable advantage that it provides, and investment in new machines and technology being the only hurdle to overcome, it looks set to be the future of manufacturing throughout the industry as a whole.

The future of precision machining

As CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software becomes more detailed and powerful, the ability to create progressively more complex and intricate products grows dramatically.

Precision machining certainly represents the future of the manufacturing industry, with Vancouver being one of the major cities in Canada to really start specializing, in what is a far more efficient and effective form of manufacturing.